Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eye Trauma in Children

Eye trauma in children is more common than most people realize. Injuries that occur in and around the eye threaten vision and must be addressed with immediately. Some head injuries can cause an ocular problem down the road.  Holes and tears in the retina can develop slowly and retinal detachment can occur later in life. To avoid any of these problems, a parent should inform an Ophthalmologist of any incident of head injury or any other eye accidents.

Here are some common types of eye trauma we see in children:
  1. Your child was playing in a sandbox, suddenly cries and rubs his or her eyes. This behavior should alert you to a foreign body entering and lodging under the lid. You should wash the injured eye with cotton or a gauze pad with warm water. It is best to have a bottle of sterile eye irrigating solution so that you could irrigate the eye. A foreign body can cause damage to the child's cornea. The corneal abrasion that often results can be very painful. It is important to see an Ophthalmologist, remove the foreign body if necessary and start treatment.
  2. Black eyes are not uncommon. They frequently occur from a punch in the eye, a toy thrown in the eye, a fall, an insect bite, etc. We realize from this partial list of unfortunate possibilities that bringing up children can sometimes prove hazardous to their eyes. They challenge us to always be alert and respond quickly to signs of possible danger. It is important to call an Ophthalmologist and discuss the issue over the phone. Based on symptoms and presented situation the doctor will advise how soon the child needs to be seen.
  3. Eyelids are swollen or red could be another observation of a parent. Apply cold compresses but do not wait until the lid improves. Call your eye physician and be prepared to provide a complete history. Based on your description the next step will be decided by the doctor.
Parents can appreciate the fact that trauma to the eye must always be taken seriously. Careful evaluation of the eye is very important. If you are concerned about your child's eye or your child happens to be in a similar situation do not hesitate to call us at Doctor & Associates-203-227-4113 with any questions.