Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drivewear® Lenses

Drivewear® Lenses from Younger Optics combine two of the most innovative technologies in the optical industry today; Transitions Photochromic technology and NuPolar® polarization, providing its wearers with 100% UV protection.

As photochromic lenses, Drivewear® Lenses adjust their color to meet your needs in different lighting situations. Interestingly enough, Drivewear® Lenses react to both visible and ultraviolet light. This means that there is always color to the lens.  In low light situations, the lenses are a green/yellow designed to utilize useful light information. While driving in brighter lighting conditions, the lenses change to a copper, reducing excess light. In this state, the lenses will highlight reds (such as stop signs) and greens (such as traffic lights).When outdoors, the lenses are a reddish-brown, achieving their maximum darkness and offering the upmost comfort in bright lighting conditions.  As polarized lenses, Drivewear® Lenses also filter unwanted blinding glare, allowing for faster reaction time and making driving safer.

Drivewear® Lenses are available in both CR-39 and polycarbonate materials. These lenses can be produced for single vision, conventional bifocal and progressive lens wearers. There are 1 billion drivers worldwide, and that number increases every year. Anyone of driving age is an ideal candidate for Drivewear® Lenses. 

If you have any questions regarding Drivewear® Lenses please do not hesitate to call Eyewear at Willows at 203-227-9380 or request an appointment at facebook.com/doctorandassociates.