Thursday, November 17, 2011

'Tranquileyes' Can Help Dry Eye

'Tranquileyes' might be able to help you with Dry Eye. Over 60 million Americans suffer from dry eye symptoms. 10 million suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome. The most common cause of severe dry eye is the normal aging process. However,  some factors that may cause and contribute to Dry Eyes include excessive contact lens use, infrequent or incomplete blinking typically incurred by computer users, allergies, certain diseases like Sjorgrens Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus as well as the use of a number of different medications. There is no quick cure for Dry Eye and if left unattended Dry Eye can lead to scarring of the Cornea and even vision loss.

'Tranquileyes' eye hydrating therapy goggles are highly recommended for people suffering from Dry Eyes. They are soft flexible goggles with reusable sponge and a gel pack. They are used to create a humid, warm environment for around the eyes that helps to stimulate tear production and slow the evaporation process. They are meant to be worn while sleeping or just relaxing.

If you have dry eye problems and seem to be frustrated with current eye situation 'tranquileyes' might be an option for you. Please call Doctor & Associates at 203-227-4113 to find out what kind of treatment would help to resolve your Dry Eye problem.