Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monovision: Is It Permanent?

Monovision, where one eye focuses for distance and the other for near, is a great option to decrease dependency on glasses or contact lenses when having Cataract Surgery or Laser Eye Surgery such as Laser Vision Correction including LASIK.

The ideal candidates for monovision correction with cataract Surgery or LASIK are those who have already adapted to monovision in contact lenses. That is, those who are successfully wearing two different contact lenses, one correcting distance vision, the other correcting near vision. Particularly appropriate for consideration are those occupations that require intermittent focusing between distance and near, such as sales representatives, school teachers, lawyers or business individuals who are frequently involved with meetings.

For monovision, we typically focus the dominant eye to correct for distance. A number of different tests can be used to determine ocular dominance. A simple one is to hand a person a camera and ask him or her to pretend to take a photograph of some distant object. The eye he or she uses to look through the viewfinder is the dominant eye.

If you express an interest in monovision, a trial with contact lenses may be in order. The trial will determine your suitability for monovision and indicate the appropriate power for each eye. A satisfactory, well-tolerated contact lens trial is a good indicator of probable success of surgically created monovision. If the contact lens trial is not well tolerated and the trial has been adequately long (approximately two weeks), we avoid using this approach.

If you have any questions regarding monovision or want to know if you are possibly a good candidate for monovision cataract Surgery or monovision LASIK please call Doctor & Associates at 203-227-4113.