Sports Eyewear and Eyeglasses

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sports Eyewear and Glasses

Sports injuries account for around 40,000 eye injuries in the USA yearly, with the significant number of them happening to individuals under age 30. Children are more susceptible to eye injuries due to their undeveloped sense of depth perception and slower coordination. The sports that are most responsible for eye injuries are basketball, baseball and racquet sports. Eye injuries from sports can be minor or major form of trauma which could result in temporary or permanent vision loss. Although all eye injuries can be devastating most are preventable by choosing to wear the correct protective eyewear.

Sports glasses should be made with either polycarbonate or trivex lenses. The lenses should be inserted into sports frames that are specific to the sport they will be worn for and should meet ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) specifications. Sport frames are light weight and usually made of nylon, Kevlar or a polycarbonate/nylon blend to provide durability. Large rubber nose pads distribute the weight evenly and prevent slippage. Frames should fit snug and be form fitting to diffuse the impact of a blow over a large area, away from the eye. A wrap fit is desirable with a strap behind the head to keep the frames securely in place.

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