Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eye Watering and Tearing Problems

Tearing may be the result of lacrimation, which is excessive tear formation of the lacrimal gland, or it may be caused by epiphora (excessive tearing), which is defective drainage of tears. Lacrimation may result from psychologic stimuli (e.g. grief or sadness), from irritation of the eye by wind or dust or from irritative inflammatory disorders of the conjunctiva, cornea or lids. These causes of lacrimation usually are self-evident and desist once the stimulus has stopped.

Persistent tearing, with overflow onto the cheek, usually is caused by obstruction somewhere in the lacrimal drainage system from the punctum situated on the medial aspect of the lower lid to the nasolacrimal duct. It is important to mention that dry eye is a common reason of tearing as well.
Regardless of the cause, the treatment of tearing caused by defective drainage structures is largely surgical. The decision to have surgery for excessive tearing due to drainage structure problems really depends on the distress of the patient created by the mechanical reflux of tears and the association of secondary infections.
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