Sunday, April 7, 2019

Cataract Surgery Helps Avoid Car Accidents

Improved Vision After Cataract Surgery Helps Avoid Car Accidents
Did you know that the improved quality of vision obtained after cataract surgery can lower your risk of a car accident by 9% according to new information published in the journal Ophthalmology? Cataracts typically develop with age and result in a clouding of the lens inside the eye. As the lens gets progressively cloudy and more opaque it limits the amount of light entering the as well as reduce contrast and clarity. People who develop cataract complain of symptoms that might include decreased visual acuity, impaired color vision, glare, dim vision and particular trouble seeing at night. Not all cataracts need to be removed. But when a cataract impairs your safe mobility-especially for driving-it is time to consider cataract surgery and lens implants. Results from the JAMA Ophthalmology study results show that drivers with cataracts who get surgery to have them removed may lower their risk of getting into traffic crashes.

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