Sunday, February 10, 2019

Prevent Falling in Glaucoma Patients

Patients who have glaucoma, especially those with poor vision and very limited visual fields, need to be quite careful and have some preventative steps taken to avoid falling. These patients are a high risk group and are prone to have bone fractures when they do take a fall. In a recent study reported in the American Journal of Ophthalmology it was determined that most common causes of falling were tripping and slipping due to uneven flooring and poor vision. Almost 75% of falls occur in the home and more than 40% of people who fall suffer some type of injury. There are some common sense steps we can take to help prevent falling and thus prevent injury. These include:

>Clean up clutter and remove or repair any tripping hazards such as newspapers, pet items, loose rugs and damaged floorboards or tile.
>Install adequate lighting by placing stronger bulbs in fixtures to be sure hallways and rooms are very well illuminated.
>Install grab bars on stairs and in bathrooms as well as installing non slip mats in showers and tubs.
>Always wear shoes to avoid the risk of slipping and if shoes are just too uncomfortable be sure to buy non-slip socks.
>Take your time getting up from chairs or sofas and move slowly at first.

These simple fall prevention interventions, particularly those for minor home modification, should be an adequate starting point to prevent falls. If you or someone you know has glaucoma or suffers from poor vision, know that they are at greater risk for falling. Be sure they have a thorough eye exam by scheduling an appointment at Doctor & Associates-203-227-4113, visit Doctor & Associates in Fairfield County, Google+ or to schedule an appointment.

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