About Photochromatic vs. Tinted Lenses

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

About Photochromatic vs. Tinted lenses

Photochromatic lenses change from light to dark as you go from indoors to outside, then lighten again as you return indoors. This makes a great choice for professions that require continually walking between indoors and out, such as real estate or construction. Without photochromatics, these patients would constantly have to switch between their clear glasses and sunglasses. The darkening mechanism in these lenses is a chemical called silver halide. When exposed to UV light, the molecules are excited into a state of darkening. The more UV light exposure, the darker the lenses become. Photochromatic lenses do not darken very well inside a car because most windshields block out UV rays. So for people who want driving sunglasses, it is best to recommend a separate pair that is permanently tinted. Newer and more advanced technology allows more rapid darkening when you go outside and a more rapid return to clear when you go inside, and 100 percent UV protection.

In contrast to the changeable photochromatic lenses, another option in colored lenses is a permanent tint. Tints are available in almost any color desired. Lighter tints are often used as a fashion accent, while darker tints allow the wearer to use the lenses as sunglasses when paired with a UV coat. A tint can be solid-in which the entire lens is the same color-or gradient, a gradual fade from dark to light, usually fading from the top down. Keep in mind that a tint alone does not provide UV protection. To truly make a pair of sunglasses, you must combine the tint with a UV coat.

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