About Polarized Eyeglass Lenses

Monday, May 11, 2015

About Polarized Eyeglass Lenses vs. Tinted Lens By Leslie Doctor, M.D

A polarized is a lens that filters the "visual noise" reflected from horizontal surfaces such a water or streets. You have probably seen annoying glare from your horizontal dashboard reflected in your windshield. All of these glares are reduced with the use of polarized sunglasses.
 How does it work? Think of glare as a water balloon hitting a flat surface. The water splashes in all directions! It is the same with sunrays hitting a flat surface. They create reflected light in all directions: horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and every other way. This chaotic pattern of light rays creates the visual disability associated with glare. Polarized treatment to sunglasses filters this glare so that only light rays approaching the lenses in one particular orientation are allowed to pass through to the eye. Similar to watching a dog try to carry a long bone through a door that is only slightly ajar, polarized lenses block all light rays that do not have just the right orientation for the polarization. Fishermen greatly appreciate polarized sunglasses. The polarization eliminates the glare from the surface of the water and allows the user to see schools of fish underneath.

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