Facial Wrinkles: Are They All the Same?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Facial Wrinkles: Are They All the Same?

Facial wrinkles vary from fine surface lines to deeper creases and folds.  Their development is the result of accumulated skin damage and inevitable loss of bone, fat and collagen, as well as repetitive use of facial muscles. Premature wrinkles and aging of the face is accelerated by excessive exposure to the sun, smoking, poor nutrition and some skin conditions.

Horizontal forehead wrinkles, brow furrows and eye lines such as crow’s feet are produced by specific muscles repeatedly creasing the skin. By reducing the function of these muscles with products such as BOTOX®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, the wrinkles are eliminated or reduced and without repetitive use, new wrinkles are prevented.  The same products can be used for a “chemical brow lift” to contour the eyebrow area.

Injectable gel fillers are substances that are used to replace lost volume in certain areas of the face. When used appropriately, the results can be substantial and fairly long lasting. They are not replacements or alternatives to BOTOX®, Xeomin® or Dysport®, in that they treat a different set of problems: deeper creases and folds that are not due to muscle activity. Different fillers have specific properties that make them appropriate for different areas of the face such as the cheekbones, lips, tear troughs, temples, deep folds along the sides of the mouth and jowls.

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