Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prevention of Eye Injury in Industry

Prevention of eye injury in industry settings is an important consideration for many people. The use of safety glasses has been of greatest importance inasmuch as the glass itself becomes a protective shield for the eye. Although ordinary glasses for street wear and industrial glasses may look alike, the similarity ends there. The difference between the two of lenses and frames is vast.  Regular street glasses, for example, can shatter easily into the eye. In contrast, industrial safety lenses are thicker and hardened so that they resist, without shattering. The best safety glasses are made of polycarbonate plastic. The frames of safety glasses also are of different construction. In addition to being flame resistant, they are designed to retain the safety lenses under heavy impact.

Contact lens wear may be hazardous in the fume-and chemical-laden environments of some industries. They must wear protective goggles as well as protection against flying missiles.

Industrial safety lenses should be employed when work or hobbies are pursued that involve lathing, chiseling, grinding or hammering. The hazard to the eye is even greater than in industry, because home lighting conditions are not always optimal and built-in safely guards are now always found in home machinery.

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