Dry Eye Syndrome

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dry Eye Syndrome-Help for Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Syndrome is a common diagnosis also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca which is inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva caused by dry eyes.
Treatment of dry eyes consists primarily of the liberal use of artificial tears during the day and gel drops or ointments at night. Prescription medication for dry eyes is Restasis, emulsion drop that reduces conjunctival inflammation and may help generate more tears. Other choices for more severe cases of dryness include punctual plugs that are inserted in the puncta (punctum is the tiny opening on the upper eyelid margin-upper punctum, and lower eyelid margin – lower punctum near the nose, through which tears pass) to help increase tears. Vitamin A may offer some help in patients with severe dry eyes.

There are different causes of dry eyes. The most common ones are related to contact lens wearers because lenses normally put a stress on the tear film. The tear film has several functions:
Ø  Hydrates and protects the ocular surface
Ø  Protects against infection
Ø  Reduces friction on blinking
Ø  Removes waste and cell debris
Ø  Enhances oxygen to the cornea

The environment can exert a strong influence on tear film stability. Pollution, toxic fumes, and high levels of dust can disrupt the tear film as well. Patients often indicate sensitivity to cigarette smoke, air conditioning, central heating, or some combination of these. Blinking also plays an important role in dry eyes. It should be relaxed and frequent. Proper blinking is crucial to replenish the tear film. Poor and incorrect blinking has been related to dry eyes and blurry vision.
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